Handmade in our workshops in Cape Town South Africa

Bok by Narella handbags are natural, functional and feel fabulous. Our home wares look equally stunning in modern and period homes alike. The products are exquisitely tactile and unique.

The leathers used are tanned with natural extracts from the bark of Wattle and Mimosa trees, using 100% natural translucent dyes. Our leathers will age beautifully and develop character with use.

A feature distinct to the springbok is the mohawk-like crest of hair, visible on our products. When the male is demonstrating his strength to attract a mate or to ward off predators, he jumps, lifting the flap along his back, which shows off the conspicuous fan-like crest of hair. This behaviour is known as “pronking” from the Afrikaans “pronk”, meaning to boast or show off.

We are proud to be associated with a manufacture who is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). Our manufacturer supports the local community through job creation and opportunities for disadvantaged workers. When you choose a Bok by Narella product, you are supporting workers who take great care and pride in the work they produce. You are also supporting their endeavour to create better lives for themselves and their families and a helping to build a more sustainable future for South Africa.

Bok products are environmentally friendly, as our skins are all sourced from commercially farmed properties in various regions in South Africa and all skins are sourced from government-approved herd reduction programs. Only the best hides are chosen to be used in our products.

The springbok is not an endangered or protected species.

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